Thursday, June 3, 2010

Practice, Practice.....Got It!

Jackson loves playing with my phone. I don't mind it too much because there are some really great educational games on it. One of his favorite lately is Tozzle - a digital puzzle. Some of the puzzles are pictures and others are letters, numbers and words. I had the free version and he has been trying to figure it out for months. I would often help him move his finger to drag the pieces to their matching place. Last week he was playing and I heard the "congratulations" music it plays when you complete the puzzle. He did it all by himself! We were all so excited. He has had some delays with fine motor skills so we were so happy to see him accomplish this. He kept doing it over and over again. I finally caved and bought the complete app that had many more puzzles to choose from. One of the new ones is a train puzzle. He has been doing that one non stop all week!
Congratulations! - so proud of you Jackson