Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How did he do that?

Matt and I find ourselves asking each other that a lot lately. On Father's Day we were out to lunch when I had to go out to the car to change Jackson. He was fussy so I let him play with my keys to keep him occupied long enough to change his diaper. I heard the trunk click and didn't think too much about it. I just thought to myself, "make sure to close the trunk". When we were leaving the restaurant I remembered the trunk I told Matt to check it. I told him the whole story about Jackson playing with the keys. He looked at me funny and reminded me that the clicker didn't open the trunk (we bought our car used and had keyless entry added - they told me at the dealership that they couldn't add it for the trunk so the button on the clicker wouldn't work). I remember pushing it before and it hadn't worked. Jackson had figured it out - sure enough hold it down for three seconds and click the trunk pops up. I don't know how many times he has made something come up on the TV or computer screen that we have never seen, not to mention all of the calls he has already made on his PaPa's phone! He is definitely a button pusher. Next time I can't figure something out I think I will hand it over to Jackson and let him try!

Always happy to go somewhere

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Post

I am excited to have my own blog. My husband has always done such a great job blogging for our family. He tries to post monthly or every couple of months. I wanted to use my blog to tell about the daily things that go on with our family. Sometimes every thing is so routine but during a normal day there are so many moments that I pause and hope that I never forget. Those little daily things are often some of my favorite.
Every day Jackson is learning something new. Just last week he learned to "buzz" like a bee, almost make the "c" sound, get on and off ride-on toys without falling, make marks with the crayon (most of the time), and hold and feed himself yogurt! Sometimes I don't even notice him picking up all of these new skills. He just surprises me by doing something new.

Jackson playing with his toys