Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010 Rewind

We had a great Christmas this year. We followed some family traditions and tried out some new things. We shared Christmas Eve with my family at Granka and Papa's house. Jackson was so excited about the robot construction set and Thomas the Train memory game he got from Granka and Papa. He also loved his vacuum that he got from Karli and Emma. He had so much fun playing with his cousins that night.

Emma and Madeline showing off their new Justice Outfits

Karli and her Pillow Pet
Jackson helping Papa opening his gift

He got really excited about Santa's visit when we got home that night. He had gotten a very special call from Santa earlier that day. Santa let Jackson know that he would like a grilled cheese later that night, so Jackson and Daddy whipped up one and set it out with the cookies we made. Jackson also counted out a carrot for each reindeer and left them some oats to munch on too. Matt read "The Night Before Christmas" and I read "Snow Dream" as we tucked him into bed.

The next morning Jackson slowly woke up. I asked him if he remembered making something special the night before. His eyes got really big and he slid off of the bed really fast! He ran to the bay window to see if the cookies he left for Santa were gone. He was so excited when he turned the corner and saw his special gifts. He had asked Santa for a "Pih Peh" (pillow pet) and a "Tah" (Thomas the Tank). Granka and Papa stopped by to see him on Christmas morning and then we got ready to make our trip to Stephenville.

We had a special lunch with Matt's family at Nana's house, and then went back to Granny and PaPa's to open presents. Jackson loved his Follow me Thomas, Wheely Bug and other great presents from Granny and PaPa. He was also so excited about his art set from Aunt GiGi and family! We all spent the night together and enjoyed each other's company.

(can you tell he was a little excited?!)

It was so nice to relax and enjoy the company of our family. It was also so wonderful to see Christmas through the eyes of our sweet little boy.

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